Mixing Projects: We are currently equipped with plugins by TC Electronics, Sony, UAD, Waves, Magix and others. We can accept projects started in just about any format, bit rate and sample rate. We are experienced at mixing in both stereo and surround formats. Multi Track Projects: We record multitrack on a high-end Digital Audio Workstation to allow for the highest possible quality of your finished product. The mix achieved in an event or recording session will sound very good. Multitrack recording allows you to remix something that has been recorded and correct any deficiencies he/she may hear. Audio Restoration: We have extensive experience with restoration of old recordings. If you have a cassette, reel to reel, or a similar old recording, we can remove noise (hiss) and other distractions from the sound. Please note, while we can clean up much of the garbage in the sound, CDs do reveal the limitations of the master tape. 3rd Ear Group  Studio recording & production Copyrights © 1999.www.3rdeg.com.All rights reserved  What we do