We have almost the latest technology in the audio recording field, along with the experience of our sound engineers.   We provide you a full midi service with our midi workstation, thanks to our multi style arrangers and their huge sample libraries, without mentioning our midi equipments: keyboards, samplers, VSTIs … As for guitar recording; players can benefit from a huge library of guitar sounds, from heavy metal to blues, reggae, funk, pop, clean and rock. This is not all, we can almost match any guitar sound you could possibly imagine using our hardware rig:Line 6, Boss , Rocktron, AMT and C.O.S.M based effect derived from VG-99, V-Guitar System, V-studio Workstations and others. As for software rig, we have almost all the new guitar rigs in the market. PS: Equipments are frequently updated fitting your needs 3rd Ear Group  Studio recording & production Copyrights © 1999.www.3rdeg.com.All rights reserved  Gear & equipments